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We continuously improve our device performance. Please download the latest user manual and firmware for your BOOX here. Read the instruction carefully before updating your BOOX. Do not mix up the firmware for different models.

If you mistakenly update wrong firmware that is not for your model, your device may have to be sent back to us to re-program. There are two methods to update your BOOX. Hungarian User Manual. New features:. Allow scribbles for flow documents. The pages with scribbles can be exported from TOC do not support embedding scribbles to original flow documents.

E-Ink for Productivity: An Introduction

Now PDFs also allow scribbles after reflow. PDFs auto-fits the display width in landscape mode. Flow documents support highlight across pages PDFs do not support. Added a zoom function maximum zoom level: 16x to the Note app, and adjusted the tool placement. Added a language option on the AI interface. Optimized the brush latency for gray colors. Long-pressing on app icons for optimization is back now.

Added a language option on the handwriting keyboard interface, adjusted the placement for speech input. Optimized the speech recognition interface, and add punctuation input. The system contrast can be set individually on the drop-down menu. Bug fixes:. Fixed issues related to the Wi-Fi connection.

onyx boox dropbox

Fixed an issue where notes were not saved after devices auto-sleep. Fixed an issue of repeated annotation to the same phrase. Fixed an issue where devices disconnected with Bluetooth page-turners after auto sleep. Now they keep connected. Removed the 20 character limit for file names.

Now it supports characters. The NaviBall will not force-enabled after reboot. Fixed the file sort issue in the file manager. Fixed the highlighted text was not shown in the thumbnail in TOC-scribble. Fixed some translation related to the split view. Fixed some copy issues related to textbox in the Note app.

Fixed a page-flipping issue for the Kindle app. Fixed a page-flipping issue of the Naviball for third-party apps.On the 7. The plus point is that the Onyx software has some great PDF reading features that actually makes even the 7.

It can automatically crop to the width or the height of the actual text on the page, perfectly getting rid of the extraneous margins. This allows most PDFs to be zoomed in enough to be workable.

It also allows for different layouts. For example, if you have a document with two columns, you can set the reader view to that and you can see the first column zoomed to width — the top half anyway. Press next page and you see the bottom half of the first column, then the top right, bottom right, and onto the next page. Nothing much new here other than saying my system continues to work really well.

The device had the v2. Shortly after that it got v2. The first update had huge UI improvements, and v2. Other than the UI having so many features that the learning curve is fairly steep, I have no real complaints about it at this point. In my first review I said that I had the power options set up to completely shut down the device after one hour of sleeping. I get many days to a week of battery life.

Also, it charges really fast. In general, battery life is just a non-issue. Not a huge change there. Pocket, Instareader, Dropbox are still my go-to apps. I did start using IAReader as well, syncing it to Dropbox. My workflow for that is if I see something in a book I want to save or use elsewhere, I can copy it, open IAReader and paste it into a document. As long as the Nova Pro is on line, that text is then available from wherever else I have Dropbox installed.

Many Onyx users swear by it. I found some. Can you help me, please? Thank you very much! Great review!Front Light: With the color temperature system, the front light can be adjustable in warm or cold that allows reading in the dark and day.

ONYX BOOX Electronic Readers

Pressure sensitivity: The Wacom stylus with levels pressure sensitivity is capable of showing stroke in strong or weak, just like a real pen. Android System: Android 6. Finger touch and stylus touch are supported.

onyx boox dropbox

Front light enables the reading to be more enjoyable. The front light can be adjusted to warm or cold light at different levels until users feel ease on eyes in different environments. The warm light is capable of providing a traditional warm, cozy feel.

The cold light gives a whiter, more energetic feel. Fewer steps in note-taking. Directly use a stylus to take notes on documents anytime you are reading.

Onyx Boox Max3 review

Use your fingers instead of a stylus to turn pages anytime you want, just like reading a real book. For books with same-size fonts, users can be more concentrated due to fewer page turns. When to read your favorite books, you can highlight and annotate the sentences that are important to you. You can also bookmark the whole pages and look up the dictionary when you come across new words. With both capacitive touch and Wacom stylus touch, Note Pro allows users not only to take notes, sketch and draw, but also to make handwritten notes directly on top of PDF books.

After 10 years, we finally introduce a new user interface design. The new layout of the new user interface is more interactive and easier to use. We aim to be the best. We always strive to keep abreast of the tablet hardware upgrade pace. Our leading hardware solution in eBook Reader industry greatly shortens the device response time even when you operate it like a normal tablet. No more waiting, enjoy your Note Pro at ease. No More Audio Jack? Connect your Note Pro with Bluetooth speaker, then enjoy music and audiobooks whenever you want.

Feel tired of reading books? Our text-to-speech feature reads the book out loud for you from where you left. No more fumbling! Users can plug the connector in either way.

onyx boox dropbox

Note: Since a part of the Flash memory size is system software, the portion available to the user is less than the total size of the memory chip. The device is designed primarily for reading electronic books, but has some additional features which are defined by the installed software. For example, the current firmware has functions such as calendar, dictionary, access to the Internet, and others.

The device is freely reprogrammable on request of the user who can install, delete and create programs.


The device has a battery that provides long, autonomous usage. Long-lasting Battery Life. USA Retail Shops. Adjustable Color Temperature System.Bigger can be better. Onyx has long made a name in the niche world of large-format E Ink tabletsproviding big-screen devices to people who want to read pages that look too cramped on Kindles and Kobos.

For reading bigger documents, E Ink web browsing, or taking notes, it's absolutely worthy of our Editors' Choice for large-format e-readers. The Boox Note2 is a slim, light tablet at 9. It's black plastic, and the flat-front E Ink screen has a sizable bezel around it. On the front, there's a Back button with a fingerprint scanner built into it it looks like a Home button, which kept tripping me up.

There's a power button on top, and a single USB-C port on the bottom. There's also a built-in speaker, although it's small and tinny. For the best audio quality, use Bluetooth headphones. Unlike the latest Kindles and Kobos, the Note 2 isn't waterproof.

The E Ink says that this module has 16 gray levels and a ms refresh rate. It's a commodity screen panel, but Onyx has added plenty of tricks. One is a tunable, color-changing front light, ranging in many available steps from blue to yellow. But Onyx's real secret sauce is its four refresh modes, which trade refresh speed for ghosting. In the tablet's default mode, it works pretty much like any Kindle or Kobo. Kick it up to the third mode, and scrolling in web and news apps becomes much smoother without much annoying ghosting.

Let's talk a little about size. But I looked at several letter-sized PDFs on this tablet, and they all look great if you're holding it close up; they can stand to be reduced a little, frankly. The one big exception I'd call out is sheet music, which really needs the The Boox Note2 connects to the internet via 2.

Wi-Fi performance looked fine when using Ookla's Speedtest. Range is just fine, though, at the usual feet or so from the router.

The Note2 has a 4,mAh battery that I couldn't successfully run down in testing. The web browser is a heavier power draw, at about 10 web pages per one percent of battery. Light comics and web usage over the next four days got me down to 89 percent.

Your backlight level usage is definitely key, of course—a higher backlight will mean higher battery usage—but the battery life here is excellent. One reason it's so good, by the way, is that the tablet turns off Wi-Fi and all background processes when it goes into sleep mode. This is a great battery saver, but it's also annoying; every time you wake the tablet up, you have to manually turn the Wi-Fi back on.

Onyx said it's supposed to turn back on automatically, but that wasn't my experience. Under the hood, this is a solid midrange Android 9.

There's 3. I don't think the Note2 will ever get an update to Android 10but Android 9 is still a huge jump over the original Note, which was running Android 6 and had started to become incompatible with third-party apps. The way Android works, app makers don't assume that many devices will get upgraded, so I think this tablet still has about three years of app compatibility left in it.

Onyx lays down its own very basic UI on top of Android, with five main panes: your library, the Onyx book store, an Onyx notes app, a file manager, apps, and settings. The library pane shows all of the readable files Onyx finds on the device.Skip to content.

Android 9. Tablet Screen Size : Retain Unlock your device in an easy way. Plug and Play, do not have to install any driver. Secondary Monitor : Eye-friendly monitor features four refresh modes used for different situations. Official Sale. A Professional Device to Boost Productivity. Tools for Immersive Reading. Make Reading in Foreign Languages the Easiest Thing BOOX Max3 supports full-page translation for different languages so you do not have to struggle through a single phrase or paragraph.

It takes only a few seconds to automatically translate the whole page you're reading. Tools for Note-taking. Copious Tools to Spark Your creativity. Tools for Apps on E Ink. Get Everything Done Fast with Apps There are various apps can be downloaded from the built-in App Store to improve your work efficiency. Find more interesting third-party apps such as office, news, magazine apps from Google Play.

And easily optimize them for the best performance on E Ink display. Tools for More. Working on Computers Without Getting Sore on Eyes By mirroring your computer display to BOOX Max3, folks who have to stay on the computers to do word processing for a long time every single day, like writers and programmers, no longer have to worry about serious eyestrain.

Plug and Play Directly plugging a keyboard and mouse, you can move a cursor and type like on a laptop. Incredible productivity break through the limit of eReaders!

Max3 vs Max2 Pro.You can house your files in the cloud at a variety of online storage sitesincluding Dropbox, Box, Google Driveand iCloud, but only Microsoft OneDrive is built directly into Windows With OneDrive, you can store your documents, photos, and other files online and sync them across multiple computers and devices. You can also easily share any file on OneDrive with other people.

To use OneDrive, you'll need a Microsoft Account, which you can set up through the Microsoft account web page. You'll also need the right type of storage plan for your needs. A basic free plan offers you 5GB of OneDrive space.

OneDrive is automatically available and ready to use in Windows In fact, when you go through the Windows 10 setup, you're asked if you want to use OneDrive. If you missed that opportunity, you should still see an icon for OneDrive in the System Tray. If the icon does not appear, you'll need to trigger it manually from the OneDrive exe file.

To do this, open File Explorer. Make sure that hidden items are enabled click the View menu and check the box for Hidden items. Then, drill down to the following location:. In that folder, double-click the OneDrive. Right-click that icon and select Settings. At the Settings screen, click the Account tab and then select the button to Add an account.

Enter your password and click Sign in. Confirm the location that Microsoft has set for your OneDrive folder. You can change the location if you wish. Otherwise, accept the default and click Next. Review the tutorial screens that explain how to set up OneDrive. Then click the button to Open my OneDrive folder. Your next task is to select the folders and files you wish to add and sync to your OneDrive storage. From File Explorer, move any folders and files you wish to synchronize into your OneDrive location.

Do the same step for any other folders you wish to include as part of your OneDrive synchronization. At this point, you can also create any new folders that you want to sync in OneDrive. Another way to select folders and files to sync in OneDrive is through the program's settings. Click the Account tab and then select Choose folders. Here you'll see the files and folders that you moved into your OneDrive folder.

If you wish to sync everything stored in your OneDrive folder, click the checkbox for Make all files available. Otherwise, check the individual folders you wish to sync and uncheck any folders you don't want synced. Unchecked folders will remain on OneDrive but will be removed from your current PC and no longer synced online or across other OneDrive devices.

Click OK when done. After OneDrive is up and running, you can also use it to back up important folders. From the OneDrive program window, click the Backup tab. Click the button to Manage backup.So far, many people's cognition of the function of e-readers has only stayed on "reading.

The The reMarkable paper tablet from Norwegian start-up. They developed a device, which can be used not only for reading but also for writing, sketching, drawing and etc. What is the experience of using these two products, which are professional large-screen e-readers that support handwriting?

Which one will perform better? Let's make a comprehensive comparison of these two products. The body of reMarkable is pure white, the screen is flat, and three physical buttons are placed at the bottom. The edge of the device is plastic, the back is made of metal, the upper and lower edges of the back have two raised rubber strips to prevent wear and tear on the body.

The whole tablet is very fine, very textured, and the appearance is absolutely good. Using a two-color design, the front is a stable black, the bottom has only one button, the back is from a brown plastic shell. It weighs only g, and compared with reMarkable which is g, Onyx Boox Note is slightly lighter. Because Onyx Boox Note border design is narrower and the screen ratio is higher, it is also equipped with a As you can see from the image below the Onyx Boox Note looks a little smaller than reMarkable.

Regarding hardware specifications, reMarkable paper tablet has 8GB of internal storage non-expandable memory and MB of running memory. Configuration of the reMarkable does not seem to have any highlights. Onyx Boox Note uses a quad-core 1. It is equipped with an open Android 6. Moreover, this is already a top-of-the-line product in the e-readers industry. From the hardware configuration point of view, these two products are not comparable.

However, reMarkable's low allocation limits its function expansion, making the function settings very simple. We will discuss them in detail later. The features of the reMarkable are extremely simple and pure; it is a "paper tablet. Besides being rechargeable and networked, it is a replacement for paper and pencil books. There is no app store, no browser, no MP3, no web browsing, no sharing of entertainment features such as Weibo, Instagram, etc.

It only has reading and writing functions, like paper. Of course, as a paper book, reMarkable supports synchronizing notes to the company's cloud, and can also import files and books to read, modify or take notes.

Onyx Boox Note2

The native system supports both PDF and ePub file formats. It is more diversified and feature-rich than reMarkable paper tablet. Also, Onyx Boox Note comes with a browser and an application market; you can directly download Kindle, palm reading, comics and other three-party applications from the application market. Moreover, you can use them directly after downloading. Onyx Boox Note can also be imported into e-books or files to read and supports third-party synchronous backup notes such as the notes, the international version of Evernote, and Dropbox.

Regarding support format, Onyx Boox Note supports up to twenty document formats, including several image formats and audio formats. Basically, common file formats are compatible also. Furthermore, for all formats of the file, multiple documents can be opened and switched at the same time, and support the side note mode of reading the annotations. The size and pixel resolution of reMarkable and Onyx Boox Note is the same.

The difference between the two displays is small. They can display the content very sharply. The page is comfortable and natural, with clear layers and fine lines, especially for comics.

In the reading and editing of PDF documents, reMarkable supports adding written comments, and does not support selected text highlighting.

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